Mary Elton Primary School

Mary Elton Primary School


Each house is led by a member of staff and all children and staff are allocated to a house when they join our School. Each house has two house captains and two vice-captains from Year 6 who are democratically elected by their peers.

The houses were renamed in 2013, all after historic Clevedon landmarks. The children are awarded house points and all house points earned contribute to a weekly total with the ultimate prize of a non-uniform day awarded to the winning house at the end of each term. Houses also compete in inter house competitions and a competitive sports day which contribute to the House Cup presented at the end of the year. 

This year, we are going to work together to fundraise for just one local charity. The house teams have chosen 'Be more Ben' as this year's chosen charity. We did choose this charity a couple of years ago, but due to Covid restrictions, we were unable to fundraise for them. The Benjamin Pritchard Foundation enhancing bereavement support and services was founded in 2018 by Ben's parents after he died to help families like theirs cope with the loss of a child.

All - Be more Ben

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Court House 

Led by: Miss Lamb                           House Dog: Ava

House captains: Ella & Ryan           Vice-House captains: Katie & Nathan

Our house is named after Clevedon Court which is owned the National Trust now but was originally built by Sir John de Clevedon in approximately 1320. It has been home to the Elton family since 1709 and our school was named after the famous Mary Elton.

Motto: We are Court and we’re the best, we are better than all the rest! Ava is our house mascot, we get the most house points in the pot!

Achievements: Winner of the House Cup in 2018.

Curzon House

Led by: Mr Flory                                 House Dog: Jet

House captains:  Chloe & Scott          Vice-House captains: Libby & Dan

The Curzon's is a cinema located in Clevedon. It's history has been intertwined with Clevedon's for over 100 years. Unlike many cinemas built in the heyday of early silents and Hollywood, the Grade II listed building has always been a cinema, never closing its doors to film-goers. Built in 1912 by local entrepreneur Victor Cox, The Picture House, as it was then, opened with a fundraiser for the survivors of the Titanic disaster.

Motto: We are Curzon and we are Cool!

Achievements: Winner of the House Cup in 2014

Pier House

Led by: Mrs Jones                                House Dog: Coco

House captains: Louella & Ben            Vice-House captains: Daisy & Fraser

Pier house is named after Clevedon’s Victorian pier, ‘the most beautiful pier in England’ so called by Sir John Betjemen, which was opened in 1869 to receive paddle steamer passengers from Devon and Wales. It is the only Grade 1 listed pier you can visit in England and passengers are still able to take boat trips along the Bristol Channel from it today.

Motto: Pier are proud, Pier are the best, Pier will definitely beat the rest! and We are Pier, we are proud, we are Pier, so sing it loud!

Achievements: Winner of the House Cup in 2015 and 2017.

Triangle House

Led by: Mrs Ten Broeke                           House Dog: Rocket

House captains: Alice & Ruby                  Vice-House captains: Charlie & Harrison

Triangle house is named after the town centre of Clevedon, where there is a Victorian clocktower. The clock tower was given to the town in the late 19th century by Sir Charles Elton to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. An image of Father Time, made from Elton Ware pottery, is also on the side of the tower. At the base of the tower is a drinking fountain, but it has been out of use for many years.

Motto: We are Triangle, We're dark blue. We are phenomenal in all we do!

Achievements: Winner of the House Cup in 2016.