Mary Elton Primary School

Mary Elton Primary School


At Mary Elton Primary School, we believe that we have a responsibility to develop 21st century, lifelong learners.  In order to do this we have developed our 5Cs; these are the important skills that we feel are vital for our children to become competent learners. We believe that our children need to be curious, critical thinkers, collaborative, courageous and creative. We have linked each of the Cs to an animal that has been designed using the Tinga Tinga style to link with our international projects.   

What skills are incorporated within our 5Cs?

How will the 5Cs be visible at Mary Elton?

At Mary Elton Primary School we will:

  • Have a classroom display of our 5Cs
  • Link them to all our learning experiences (referring to the learning values during lessons and in planning)
  • Language to be used explicitly by the whole school community
  • Recognise the relevant learning values with our Celebration certificates
  • Refer to these in our Assemblies
  • Plan our curriculum around the teaching of our 5Cs

Competition Winners!

The children pictured below are the winners of our 5C design competition. 'That Copy Shop' turned their designs into reality!