Mary Elton Primary School

Mary Elton Primary School

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Pastoral and Intervention

At Mary Elton Primary School we believe that good pastoral support focuses on nurturing and supporting the individual needs of the children in our care. We strive to ensure that the support our children and families may need to recognised and implemented. All staff model to our pupils how to look after themselves.

At Mary Elton we work to

  • Support and meet the needs of all children, so each child develops as an individual
  • Support children to address social, mental, emotional and physical needs
  • Tailor the support to meet the needs of the children
  • Support and work alongside parents/families in addressing pastoral concerns
  • Encourage children to seek help, support and advice when they need it
  • Ensure the child stays at the centre of every conversation
  • Prioritise those who need our help most, but we intervene with all
  • Offer evidence based interventions to those children that need them
  • Promote good attendance

The Pastoral Team will

  • meet at least termly to discuss Wave 2 and Wave 3 support and next steps
  • contact families on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis
  • consult with external agencies when required

Staged Approach

We want to ensure that our children are receiving the most appropriate pastoral support based on their needs. We work on a three staged approach to ensure provision is matched.

1. Wave 1 - Class/year group/whole school curriculum
2. Wave 2 - Targeted support - internal 
3. Wave 3 - Targeted support - external

In the sections below you will find the provision that we provide at each stage. At Mary Elton we recognise that pastoral support can be required at different times and some situations may require children to receive support at a higher level rather than progressing through the stages. This model will be reactive to the needs of the children. It is important to note that this will adapt over time as provision is reviewed and strengthened. 

Wave 1 - class/year group/school curriculum

This is our offer to all our pupils at Mary Elton as part of our curriculum provision. 

  • Class teacher/year group staff to support
  • Jigsaw PSHE scheme – which promotes wellbeing
  • Jigsaw coffee mornings
  • Support for children and parents/carers in the playground at the beginning of the school day.
  • A School Council - pupils are elected by their peers. Children are fully aware of the role of the elected school councillors and are encouraged to regularly bring their views and ideas to their Class Representatives
  • Pupil Leadership opportunities
  • Learning Mentor is available to support pupils
  • Support from SLT at the start and end of the school day
  • Worry boxes in every classroom
  • Community groups (from term 5 and 6 2022)

Wave 2 - Targeted support (internally) - referral

Some children require targeted support. If this is the case the class teacher will complete a referral to the Pastoral Team to review and in consultation decide on the most appropriate support.

  • Quiet nurturing room
  • Liaison between class teacher and Learning Mentor
  • Social groups (social and emotional needs, behaviour and friendships)
  • Social Detective skills group
  • Superflex groups and 1:1 work - A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum: A fun and motivating way to explore social thinking behaviour
  • Friday feelings/Thoughtful Tuesday
  • ELSA Support - deliver a programme of support through individual or group work

Wave 3 - Targeted support (externally) 

This external targeted support is provided by agencies outside of Mary Elton and will require referrals, supported by the Pastoral team. Mary Elton are not able to control waiting times and the use of waiting lists but will continue to support the children through wave 1 and wave 2 whilst external support is to be implemented.

  • Early Help Assessment
  • Pets as Therapy ‘Read2Dogs’ programme
  • 1-1 Play Therapy and Counselling
  • Reintegration Team
  • Enhanced Provision
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Clevedon Food Bank
  • Primary Inclusion Panel
  • School Nursing Team
  • Jack Hazeldine Foundation

How to contact?

  • Children – through parents/teacher/SENCo
  • Parents/Carers – through class teacher
  • Staff - referral form

Support for Parents/Carers

  • Make contact with the class teacher
  • Learning Mentor, class teachers and SENCo will provide ongoing feedback to parents/carers
  • Signposting to other services
  • Assistance with paperwork/applications
  • Support at meetings
  • Liaison with external agencies
  • Advice and support to promote positive behaviour

How does this relate to the school curriculum?

  • Jigsaw/PSHE lessons
  • Assemblies
  • School Behaviour Policy

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