Mary Elton Primary School

Mary Elton Primary School


Safeguarding children is a role for everyone at Mary Elton Primary School

All staff members at Mary Elton, along with all members of our school community, have an important role to play in helping to identify welfare concerns and possible indicators of abuse or neglect at an early stage. Safeguarding is the priority of everybody who works and visits Mary Elton Primary School. We are committed to the highest possible standards in protecting and safeguarding the pupils in our care. Please see our leaflet to visitors.

For some children a one-off serious incident or concern may occur and you will have no doubt that this must be immediately recorded and reported. Most often, however, it is the accumulation of a number of small incidents, events or observations that provide the evidence of harm being caused to a child.

It is vital that any concern you have for a child’s welfare, however small is recorded and passed to our Safeguarding Lead.

At Mary Elton we know that it is important appropriately equip our children to protect themselves, at different stages on their learning journey through our school. This we do at planned points in the curriculum, through PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) activities or lessons on how to IT safe for example. It also takes the form of discrete events like special assemblies or of planned visits by Community Police Officers.

Safeguarding is of the highest importance in our school and this reflected in the rigorous safeguarding systems we have in place and that we regularly review.

Safeguarding Policy 2021

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Dean Hudd, Headteacher

Safeguarding Team

Deputy Safeguarding Lead: Mr. David Hartshorn

David Hartshorn, Kate Litt, Joanne Sharp. Rebecca Lamb and Laura Abbott-Garner

Safeguarding Governor

Hadley Rides

Chair of Governors and Prevent Governor

Michael Waugaman