Mary Elton Primary School

Mary Elton Primary School

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School Council

The School Council is the pupil voice within our school and each class, from EYFS to Year 6, has 2 representatives. Becoming a School Council representative is an extremely important responsibility and the children elect their own representatives through a democratic election process. Come and look at our noticeboard in the main entrance of school if you would like to see who we are.

The School Council meets every Thursday with our School Council Lead -  Mr Flory (Y4). We are focusing on how we can make our school a healthier and greener environment.  The School Council representatives are then asked to communicate important information to their classmates so the whole school is kept up to date. 

Current Initiatives

  • Our School Council have decided to work to become a ‘Healthy School’.
  • We have formed two Teams on the School Council. The first team will be working on how to make the school aware of issues that affect our school environment and how we can address these.  The second team are organizing clean-up crews that will tidy up the school environment.
  • We will be bringing back our battery recycling initiative with the support of Mrs Brown (Y5) and the 'Big Battery Hunt' from Duracell. School council will be in charge of the battery count to update our collected total on the website.