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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 2023-24 with Miss Clarke, Mr Horne and Mrs James.

We would encourage you to keep an eye on these pages as we like to share aspects of the children’s learning and experiences from Lime and Holly classes.

15th July 2024 - Maths!

Year 3 had a really interesting and interactive Maths lesson to conclude our learning about shapes. We tried to see how many different cuboids we could make with only 8 cubes, as well as trying to make square based pyramids using straws and playdough - it was much harder than it looked!

15th April 2024 - Brass Band!

Year 3 had the best first day of Term 5 being surprised with a performance by a brass band! They did covers of Backstreet Boys and We Don't Talk About Bruno, as well as explaining the names and pitches of their instruments.

Term 3/4 - Swimming

Year 3 have had a BLAST throughout their swimming lessons Terms 3 and 4! It's been amazing to watch their confidence grow each week and a brilliant way to finish on a Friday.

5th February 2024 - Science

Holly Class were lucky enough to have Mrs Sormani come to school and deliver a mini Science lesson. Matteo worked really hard to create his own volcano out of paper mâché, tin foil and a bottle. We watched his explode and then had a go at making our own chemical reactions with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda! Thank you so much for coming in.

14th September 2023 - Art

In Art, Year 3 have been learning about The Stone Age. We have developed our skills in using different techniques to create our own cave paintings. Can you see hand prints, animals, people? 

21st September 2023 - Computing

Year 3 have been learning about digital devices this term - what they are and how they can make our lives easier. We painted the same picture using real paint and then using paint software on a computer and thought and the advantages and disadvantages of each. 



23rd June 2023 - Magnetic maze games

Year 3 have been using their engineering skills and science knowledge to design and create their own magnetic games. We had a lot of fun escaping mazes, scoring goals and picking up paper clips!


18th May 2023 - Geographers

Year 3 have put their exploring skills to the test, as Geographers, looking at the 6 different biomes in the world. They searched for different plants and animals and considered the characteristics of their biome such as the weather and whether it was bare or full of life. The children loved hearing the sounds of the wildlife and finding hidden animals such as rattlesnakes in the desert.

23rd February 2023 - Volcanic Eruptions

Year 3 have had an exciting first week back as Scientists and Geographers, learning all about how volcanoes are formed and how they erupt! We've even been lucky enough to see some erupt in our playground!

24th January 2023 - PT session

Our Year 3 athletes have had a very active start to 2023! They had a visit from Julie Swann who ran a PT session and highlighted the importance of exercise in being healthy.


9th December 2022 - Pier Visit

Y3 had a lovely, wintry trip to Clevedon Pier on Friday. We explored all the plaques and searched for the famous One Direction one, as well as hunting for answers to our quiz. We learnt about how the Pier collapsed in 1970 and imagined what it would have been like when it first opened in 1869.


1st November 2022 - Chronology

Year 3 have been curious Historians and Geographers this term. We began by unpicking the word chronology and using this knowledge to order pictures of inventions into chronological order. Over the last 6 weeks, we have studied physical artefacts, written sources, photographs, portraits and maps. We have used our critical thinking skills to consider what these things tell us about how people lived in the past.


21st October 2022 - Shadow Puppet Shows

This term, Year 3's Enquiry has been 'Where does darkness come from?' Our challenge was to make shadow puppets on our English story Rama and Sita. We explored how shadows are made as Scientists and using our engineering skills we designed puppets that could move. All of Mary Elton's 5Cs were needed for this enquiry, particularly our collaborative skills in working together to retell the story of Rama and Sita. Enjoy the show!



9th May 2022 - Gymnastics

Year 3 had the opportunity to participate in a Workshop at Clevedon Gymnastics Centre. Great fun was had by all as they experienced a variety of different gymnastic equipment.


6th April 2022 - SS Great Britain trip

To round off a fabulous couple of terms learning about the Victorians, Year 3 visited the SS Great Britain and learned even more! Not only did we learn some amazing facts and social history, we also visited a talking toilet and saw a cheeky monkey and Daisy the cow. We played Victorian games, were shown the differences between how rich and poor people would have travelled and their accommodation aboard the ship and saw magnificent feats of engineering. Tired but buzzing, we returned full of enthusiasm for the Victorians and their inventions (and maybe a little grateful for how we live now).

Y3 SS Great Britain Trip 22


8th March 2022 - My job is ... 

Year 3 were visited by Julie Swann from Swann Fit. Julie, who is a parent at our school, talked to us about what her job involves, about being self-employed and how she became a personal trainer. To further enhance our learning of Health and Movement Julie then talked further about the importance of a healthy body and how this promotes a healthy mind. Following this, we took part in an exercise session which certainly put a few of us through our paces, as you can see from the photos.


17th February 2022 - Victorian Day!

Year 3 spent the morning going back in time to the Victorian schoolroom. Their hands and fingernails were inspected, they used a quill and ink to write with, chanted their tables as well as taking part in the daily 'drill' lesson. Any children not following Victorian school rules received the cane or had to wear the 'dunces' hat!

Y3 Victorian Day 2022


17th December 2021 - Art

Year 3 have been inspired by different artists, painting styles and techniques, including Van Gogh's 'starry Night' and the abstract art work of Sean Scully.



24th November 2021 - DT (Textiles)

In Year 3, we have been reading about a Stone Age boy named Ug, who much to his dismay has trousers made from stone. In our quest to make Ug more comfortable, we have designed and made him new ones which we hope will cheer him up. We think they will - what do you think?



22nd October 2021 - Stone Age!

Year 3 spent the day using their creative skills to celebrate their Stone Age learning so far. They made their own cave paintings to convey messages, built Stone Age Round houses using clay, twigs and hay and produced their own super cute woolly mammoth from a milk bottle!

Y3 Stone Age Oct 21


21st October 2021 - 3D Art

As part of our 3D Art, Year 3 have created their own papier mache bowls, in the style of the abstract artist, Howard Hodgkin. This has taken them a number of weeks and lots of patience and diligence, which we certainly think shows in the excellent presentation of the bowls.