Mary Elton Primary School

Mary Elton Primary School

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 2021-22 with Mrs Ten Broeke, Mrs Jones, Mr Hughes and Mrs Evans.

We would encourage you to keep an eye on these pages as we like to share aspects of the children’s learning and experiences from Lime and Holly classes.


24th November 2021 - DT (Textiles)

In Year 3, we have been reading about a Stone Age boy named Ug, who much to his dismay has trousers made from stone. In our quest to make Ug more comfortable, we have designed and made him new ones which we hope will cheer him up. We think they will - what do you think?



22nd October 2021 - Stone Age!

Year 3 spent the day using their creative skills to celebrate their Stone Age learning so far. They made their own cave paintings to convey messages, built Stone Age Round houses using clay, twigs and hay and produced their own super cute woolly mammoth from a milk bottle!


21st October 2021 - 3D Art

As part of our 3D Art, Year 3 have created their own papier mache bowls, in the style of the abstract artist, Howard Hodgkin. This has taken them a number of weeks and lots of patience and diligence, which we certainly think shows in the excellent presentation of the bowls.



2nd July 2021 - DT (Mechanisms)

This week, the children in Year 3 have been working hard investigating different mechanisms to create their own pop up books.

30th April 2021 - Computing

Year 3 have been busy this week learning all about branching databases. They practiced making their own branching tree diagram on paper first - using them to sort dinosaurs then aliens and then moved into the ICT suite and used a program to sort different animals, by asking questions about their different attributes. 

1st April 2021 - DT

This week, Year 3 have been busy in Design and Technology, learning about structures and strong and weak shapes. They designed and made their own bridges using paper straws and card triangles, with the aim of seeing who could make the strongest bridge. Two of our winning bridges held a weight of over 10kg! AMAZING! 

18th March 2021 - Victorian Day!

Today, Year 3 became Victorian school pupils for the morning and were taught by their new 'super strict' Victorian teachers! Highlights included handwriting using a quill and ink, outside 'drill' and a hand and nail inspection, where grubby hands faced the cane! Any mistakes meant wearing the 'dunces' hat' in the corner!


12th March 2021 - First week back after remote learning!

This week, Year 3 have been thinking of positives they had got out of lockdown. They celebrated international women’s day by drawing a picture of a woman who has inspired them. They also looked at the key functions of the skeleton and enjoyed playing with their new times table cards.


3rd February 2021 - Art!

Year 3 have been busy over the last three weeks,  looking at different artists in their Art lessons. We have explored the work of Matisse, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Clarice Cliff and have created our own works of art. We think their work is amazing! 


23rd October 2020 - Topic

In topic, we have examined the different ways Stone Age people would have communicated with each other without any written language. The children created their own cave paintings which each conveyed a message. We have also looked at different types of Stone Age dwellings and the children had great fun building their own from clay, sticks and hay.

3rd-9th September 2020 - Here We Are!

At the start of the term, we read Oliver Jeffer's book, "Here We Are" and we discussed all the different people in the world. This led us onto sharing people who have influenced our lives.  As you can see, there are quite a variety, from musician Delia Derbyshire to actor and singer, Will Smith. The book was about Earth and Space, so we had great fun creating our 'zentangle' designs on planets, don't they look beautiful!


Welcome to Year 3 letter!

Year 3 Summer Challenge!


June 2020: Message from Year 3 team!

14th February 2020 - Victorian Morning!

We became Victorian school pupils for the morning! We arrived at school dressed in Victorian attire to be taught by our new 'super strict' Victorian teachers! We began with a hand and nail inspection, where grubby hands faced the cane! We said our prayers and sang the hymm, 'All things bright and beautiful' and then sat down to begin our handwriting practice using a feather quill and ink - blots were punishable, again with the cane! We went into the hall to do 'drill' - the Victorian equivalent of PE and then recited our tables. Mistakes meant wearing the 'dunces' hat' in the corner! After play, we practiced our arithmetic and did some still life drawing. At the end of the morning, most of us agreed that we much preferred school life now!


27th January 2020 - Science!

Year 3 have been exploring Forces and Magnets. We have learned new vocabulary such as NORTH POLE, SOUTH POLE, GRAVITY, REPEL AND ATTRACT. We have also investigated the different materials which are magnetic and which are not. In additon, we have examined different uses for magnets and how we use them in our own lives. Did you know ... A compass has a tiny magnet inside and the arrow ALWAYS points north?



22nd November 2019 - Stone Age

Year 3 have been busy learning about all life in the Stone Age. We have made our own stone age houses using clay, sticks and hay and created our own version of Stonehenge using various resources including Lego, clay and biscuits!!! We have also started to sew a new pair of comfy trousers for 'UG' our own Neanderthal boy.






 19th September 2019 - Edible Maths!

Year 3 collaborated, counted and sorted chocolate animal biscuits in their maths lesson to create their own pictograms.  They worked together to find the most and least popular animals and then ate their yummy results!







2019-20 Year Ahead Powerpoint

17th & 18th June - Woodhouse Park Camp

Holly and Lime class went on an overnight residential camp to Woodhouse Park near Almondsbury. The children (and teachers) had a fantastic time, completing assault courses, cooking up a variety of dishes on the campfire and building shelters. The children showed off their many talents in the annual 'Woodhouse Park's Got Talent' Show and we had a good old sing song around the campfire. As one of the children wrote in his recount on returning, 'we had the best time, ever!'









17th May 2019 - SS Great Britain Trip

As part of our Victorian topic Year 3 visited the SS Great Britain.  We had a very busy day, which included a  guided tour around the ship - some of us weren't too keen on the accommodation in steerage and found it a bit smelly!  We all preferred the opulence of First Class and decided the food was much nicer with no nasty Ships Biscuits on the menu.  We also had a  workshop which tested our writing skills using dipping pens and ink, created silhouettes and shadow puppet shows,  challenged us to separate passenger artefacts and dress up as Victorian passengers.  After a quick re-fuel, it was off to the museum to learn more about the history of the SS Great Britain and to marvel at her engineering, before being courageous and walking underneath the ship.  

It was a fantastic day!






Important Information - Y3 Residential Trip 2018-19

Y3 Residential Trip Powerpoint

March 2019 - Victorian school morning

Year 3 travelled back in time over 150 years and experienced a morning learning as Victorian children.  They were all given Victorian names, the classrooms, Mrs Jones and Mrs Frisby were very different to how they normally are and the timetable was pretty unusual too!

Instead of our normal learning, the children had to have their hands inspected for cleanliness, stand in straight lines for drill in the Hall and sing 'All things bright and beautiful'. No use of lovely school pencils for the children of Holly and Lime class!  They had to practise writing 'children must be seen and not heard' using ink and quills. There was a lot of ink on and off the paper!  Then they recited their 2,3,4 and 5 times tables - if they got any wrong the Dunce's cap was worn!  Our final activity was to draw from nature and the children copied some beautiful pictures of leaves, flowers and berries. As a 'treat' Mrs Frisby read from her 125 year old copy of Alice in Wonderland'  to both classes and our morning ended with the children discussing if they preferred learning as modern or Victorian children.







22nd January 2019 - Feeling the force!

As part of our Science this term about Forces and Magnets, we have been experimenting with Force Meters to measure how much force is needed to move objects. We considered the statement, “Will it take more force to move an object across a smooth surface than a rough one?” What do you think?

Did you know... that Newtons is the name of the unit of measure for measuring forces?


12th November 2018 - Clay Stonehenge

As part of their Stone Age project, Year 3 have been learning about Stonehenge. We discovered that it took 1500 years to build, that it is made of different types of rock and the largest stone (the Heel stone) weighs 30 tons! Year 3 then designed and created their own version of Stonehenge out of clay. The results were very individual, with some forming a triangle design and others layering the rocks and creating a roof.


5th October 2018 - Creating Fire!

Year 3 are currently reading 'Littlenose the Hunter' and have created instruction texts on how to create a fire.  

As part of their learning, Mr Thurgur kindly offered to show each class how to build, light and put out a fire. After a fire safety talk, the children enjoyed hunting for big, medium and little sticks (kindling) to place on the tinder and decided the cotton ball was really wool covered in Mammoth fat!  They were wowed by the sparks created by the flint and steel and learnt that a fire needs oxygen - which was provided by Mr Thurgur blowing on it.  

18th September 2018 - Rock Investigation

As part of our Rocks, Soils and Fossils topic, we used the outdoor environment to investigate different types of rocks. It wasn't easy, as we had to identify whether the rocks and stones were naturally occurring or man-made. So, is a stone built wall natural or man-made?

Year Ahead Powerpoint

Year 3 Year Ahead Powerpoint 18-19